Biometric Time Clocks

Yesterdays hassle of using outdated time clock methods are a problem of the past.  Biolink offers next generation biometric systems that eliminate employee time theft, reduces labor costs, and accurately calculates time and attendance for companies of any size.  Install the system yourself or have one of our very own trained IT personnel set up the system that best suits your companies needs.

Service Oriented

24 hour customer support from our dedicated IT personnel, On site support available within 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Full Installation

Trained technicians will correctly mount and install biometric clocks to your specifications.

Onsite Training

Don’t have time to learn the system all on your own?  No problem!!  Let us come in and train you and your managers on site.  Detailed training allows your team to learn  all of the benefits of our next generation time and attendance machines.